Talking about life is not an easy thing to do. Sure people are "there" for you, whenever you need to talk, but are they really? If you call them up in the middle of the night will they still want to offer that help and support. Even if you do take the jump and trust them, whats to say they wont use it against you, or just not care? Now I'm not saying people don't say what you want to hear, thats fine and good if they do. But sometimes people knock you down on the slightest of things, it may be small to them but it builds up. After years of the same, its just not worth talking anymore.

Its much easier to keep problems enclosed, as at the end of the day, nobody really seems to care. And its less and less worth finding out if people do care. There is just less and less room for error in trusting now.

Image provided by Unslash.