Good news

You're a guy, you can't talk about your feelings. /u/80_firebird

Over the last 2 months I have had more good news then my entire life so far, I graduated university with a BA(hons) in Computer Science, I got a well paying job in the exact field I wanted (Web development). And as of yesterday I got a rise at that job, I should be over the moon. Its hard to celebrate alone, and its even harder to think people care about my good news. As much as I want to tell those around me, its just not my "character" to brag or tell people good news, and if I do, its usually shot down anyway.

Me and my flatmate pull in more than most households do there entire life, and we have only just graduated, if we had a kid, they would get the lowest student loan. Its weird how unimportant that seems just because I cant celebrate, instead I will keep it to myself.

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