Amsterdam, Netherlands

I have just got back from Amsterdam, spending one night in the city, and a night either side on the ferry there and back. Opting to get the ferry was a choice mostly because of cost but partially because the ferry is cool, and has a bar.

We traveled on the Pride of Rotterdam there, and the Pride of Hull on the way back. Other than the 2 Bars, restaurant, cinema, and three small shops there is nothing much to do on the ferry. Once you loose signal there is nothing to do but relax. The ferry set off 8pm in the evening, and arrived at Rotterdam 8am the next morning, waiting was a bus to go to Amsterdam. Photo by Billy Pasco / Unsplash Once in Amsterdam the first port of call was to find the AirBnB to drop bags off, this was a short train ride from the city, after picking up a 48 hour unlimited train / tram / underground ticket we could go anywhere we wanted. Naturally this was to Rembrandt Square for food, we picked a nice looking steak house with outdoor seating and settled in for the next 30 hours in Amsterdam. After food we walked the streets visited a few bars and a coffee shop, before long it was 4pm and this meant it was time to go to the IceBar. Once of the highlights of the trip was to visit the IceBar, although they have them allover the world this was the first time I have been to one. After that we continued to visit bars around the city until the early hours.

The next day after a lay in we headed out to go on river boat trip, as boring as it sounds its a great way to see different parts of the city without getting lost. Photo by Jace Grandinetti / Unsplash With the little time we had left before the bus arrived to pick us up we had lunch and visited tourist shops for gifts to bring home.